The Final Frontier for XBMC Media Center in 2011 - PVR Support

January 4, 2011

XBMC Media Center is intended to be the one stop stop for accessing media within the home. It includes out-of-the-box support for all the typical things found in a home where media consumption has moved on from turning on the telly and blindly channel surfing, e.g. playing DVDs, backups of DVDs, Movies, TV Shows, general Videos, showing Pictures and of course playing Music.

2011 will be the start of the “final frontier” for XBMC Media Center as it also starts to support integration with PVR backends such as VDR, TV Headend, MediaPortal and MythTV. This new area of media consumption will require some careful consideration in the user interface to help ensure that some of the seemingly unnecessary complexities of some off-the-shelf PVR solutions are neatly hidden from Joe Average user but still available to Joe Techie user. PVR support in XBMC Media Center will be one of my personal projects for 2011, focussing mainly on the MythTV add-on for XBMC and helping to ensure that the PVR support in XBMC is useful and user friendly.

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