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— type: post layout: post meta: _edit_last: “2” _edit_lock: “1294051912” title: Version 1.1 Photeon backgrounds for XBMC AEON skin released tags: - XBMC Media Center published: true status: publish — After several hundred downloads of version 1.0 of the Photeon (Photo + AEON) backdrops/backgrounds for the XBMC Media Center AEON skin, a bigger, better, brighter version 1.1 is now available for download.

Download Photeon Backgrounds version 1.1

If you download and use the backgrounds please leave a comment. I’d love to know what people think of them or what could be improved! Movies - original by Jean-Luc ST-Hilaire (clasixart) of Quebec, Canada. Photeon Movies XBMC Media Center sample TV Shows - original by Miroslav Sárička (v_hujer) of Prievidza, Slovakia. Photeon TV Shows XBMC Media Center sample Clips - original by Melanie Kuipers ** (yum) of Germany. Photeon Clips XBMC Media Center sample Pictures - original by Piotr Lewandowski ** (LeWy2005) of Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland. Photeon Pictures XBMC Media Center sample Music - original by Bart Noszka (noszki) of Dabrowa, Slaskie, Poland. Photeon Music XBMC Media Center sample Games - original by Stephen Davies (steved_np3) of the UK. Photeon Games XBMC Media Center sample Arcade - original by Sas Van Veen ** (xtrapink) of the Netherlands. Photeon Arcade XBMC Media Center sample Apps - original by Brian Lary (blary54) of the United States. Photeon Apps XBMC Media Center sample Weather - original by G Schouten de Jel (gabriel77) of Den Haag, Z-H, Netherlands. Photeon Weather XBMC Media Center sample Settings - original by Giovanni Miniato (desmox) of Italy. Photeon Settings XBMC Media Center sample Extras - originals by GLS (glspro5) of Argentina, and Laura Shreck (Columbine) of the United States. Photeon Extras XBMC Media Center sample Photeon Extras XBMC Media Center sample The backgrounds are all 720p BMP images so will work with both original XBox hardware and Linux/Windows HTPC solutions without any rescaling.

All images in the Photeon series of backgrounds were obtained from stock.xchng, a free stock photo site, and then modified as necessary by David Teirney. All images remain protected by the original terms and conditions of stock.xchng. Please respect the original license conditions as also noted in the enclosed License.txt file.

Changes from 1.0

  • Added “Apps” image.
  • Added “Arcade” image.
  • Added “Clips” image.
  • Added “Extras” images.
  • Added “Games” image.
  • Changed “Settings” image.
  • Removed the “TV Shows” image and replaced with the old “Live TV” image.
  • Repositioned the existing version 1.0 images to better work with the Showcase view and the AEON menu bar.
  • Cleaned the close-up images to remove unsightly artifacts like small hairs and other imperfections that were blatantly obvious when blown up to 46+ inches on an HD TV.
  • Altered the color curves for most images so they are more consistent across the set of images.


Download the photeon-backgrounds-1.1.zip file (18.2 MB) and follow the instructions within the enclosed Readme.txt file. The download is hosted by Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) so tell all your friends as it’s hardly costing anything to host and share this with everyone.

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