January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: How to add page up and page down functions to the XBox remote for XBMC tags: - XBMC Media Center published: true status: publish — I’m using the Aeon skin for XBMC and the skin doesn’t support scroll bars. This makes it a bit time consuming navigating long lists. To workaround this you can configure the XBox remote to perform PageUp and PageDown actions by altering the Keymap.xml file in the UserData folder. UPDATE: This no longer seems to work on later versions of XBMC. I will post another article that contains details on the changes necessary. Change the existing buttons mapped to the PageUp and PageDown actions for the remote. Change them to be and as shown below (at the top of the Keymap.xml file).

      <!-- Alteration for PageUp/PageDown starts -->
      <!-- Ends -->

The XBMC wiki has more information about the Keymap.xml file.

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