January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: _edit_last: “1” _edit_lock: “1275866550” title: Upgrade to Wordpress 2.5 went more or less to plan tags: - Gripes published: true status: publish — I have finally upgraded Wordpress to the latest version after becoming stagnant on some old 1.x version. It’s more or less gone to plan, although for some reason all of my category names have become empty! The Wordpress administration UI improvements are a welcome and refreshing change but there are still some confusing parts with quite different background colors behind some of the buttons. I can understand why they did it, but for some reason I didn’t even see some of the buttons first time round “where is the Publish button?” Generally the important stuff is much more accessible so great job! As expected since there is no plug-in management to speak of in Wordpress all of the plug-ins I had were well out of date. I’d really appreciate some form of management for these (similar to the package management on Linux) so I can just be told when there is new stuff and say “yes, please download and update to the latest version, thank-you”. Trawling around the internet to get the latest versions is a bit painful. Anyway, watch this space for a slowly updating Wordpress theme based on Deliciously Blue, which was curiously based on the previous theme I was using (Glossy Blue). I’m going to try for a strictly gray-scale theme with a splash of two contrasting colors to see what I’ve learned from my typography reading.

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