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— type: post layout: post meta: _edit_last: “2” _edit_lock: “1294050508” title: Photeon backdrops for XBMC Aeon skin released tags: - XBMC Media Center published: true status: publish — Version 1.0 of the Photeon (Photo + Aeon) backdrops for XBox Media Center (XBMC) Aeon skin are now available for download. UPDATE: An updated Version 1.1. of the Photeon Backgrounds for the XBMC AEON skin have been released! Download Photeon Backdrops Version 1.0. If you download and use them please leave a comment. I’d love to know what people think of them! All images in this Photeon series of backdrops for the Aeon skin were obtained from stock.xchng and then modified as necessary. All images are still protected by the original terms and conditions of that web site. Please respect the original license conditions as noted within the photeon-backdrops-1.0.zip file. Special thanks to each of the image authors for giving permission to redistribute the modified versions of the images:

  • TV Shows - Jayson Gatdula (jaylopez)
  • Movies - Jean-Luc ST-Hilaire (clasixart)
  • Pictures - Piotr Lewandowski (LeWy2005) - no response after a week so I hope it’s OK
  • Music - Bart Noszka (noszki)
  • Weather - Gabriel Schouten de Jel (gabriel77)
  • Live TV - Viktor Hujer (v_hujer)
  • Settings - Kalyana Sundaram (kavitha)

TV Shows Photeon TV Shows XBMC screenshot Movies Photeon Movies XBMC screenshot Pictures Photeon Pictures XBMC screenshot Music Photeon Music XBMC screenshot Weather Photeon Weather XBMC screenshot Live TV (courtesy of the aeonmod by Rand Al Thor) Photeon Live TV XBMC screenshot Settings Photeon Settings XBMC screenshot To install:

  1. Download the photeon-backdrops-1.0.zip (9.8Mb)
  2. Unzip the photeon-backdrops-1.0.zip file and transfer to the skin directory of your XBMC installation. This will created a series of named folders within XBMC/skin/Aeon/backdrops/photeon/720p. Each named folder corresponds to Live TV, Movies, Music etc. and contains a single 720p BMP backdrop image.
  3. Open Settings for XBMC (press Up from the main menu while using the Aeon skin)
  4. Choose Aeon from the Settings menu and then configure the backdrop folders for each of the main menu items to point to the appropriate folder under .../photeon/720p.
  5. Configure the Settings backdrop image to point to the image within the .../photeon/720p/Settings folder. If this is not done, the existing Settings image will be used when a Setting menu item is chosen.

The download is hosted by Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) so tell all your friends, it’s hardly costing anything to host and share this with everyone.

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