January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Adhoc internet access in New Zealand is ridiculously expensive tags: - Gripes published: true status: publish — How can it possibly cost \$25 for 12 hours access to the internet when you are staying at a hotel that charges upwards of \$200 a night? That’s just ridiculous! I’m staying in a hotel in Wellington for a conference. The hotel probably services mainly business guests so I would have thought that internet access would be free of charge. Just throttle the wireless connection speed or cap it somehow to prevent problems with people trying to download the latest episode of Heroes via bittorrent. The hotel is also in a Telecom Wi-Fi hotspot. That service only charges \$10 an hour (charged on a per second basis) for non XTRA customers. Woohoo, sign me up Scotty, NOT! It only costs me \$39.95 a month for “as fast as you can eat” access with a 5Gb limit at home. That XTRA hourly rate is a complete rip-off, as is the rate the hotel charges.

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