January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Really quietening down a Sundance Spa SunZone ozone generator tags: - Tips and Tricks published: true status: publish — I thought I had got lucky with my last attempt at stopping the intermittent humming noise coming from the ozone generator in the Sundance Spa. The last attempt was a bit unscientific and can be read at an earlier post. I didn’t work long term. The noise came back last week. While in the spa on Friday evening I noticed that the bubbles coming out of the circulation jet outlet were also intermittent. Every now and then some larger bubbles would come out. So I started playing with the outlet of the circulation pump with my foot. If part of the outlet was covered off the noise from ozone generator stopped and so did the larger bubbles. Interesting. I popped the spa panels off at the weekend and looked more closely at the line running from the mazzi jet to the SunZone ozone generator. Sure enough I could see very small air bubbles getting sucked into the air line where it connected to the mazzi jet. A few zip ties later and that connection was sealed. As soon as it sealed the noise stopped as well. Voila! I zip tied all of the other connectors in that same air line and checked the connections for all of the other components as well. I also zip tied the air line well out of the way of the other components. Now the spa really is quiet with a consistent stream of small bubbles coming out of the circulation pump. Excellent! Hopefully this problem is sorted for good now.

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