January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Yet another iPhone running in New Zealand tags: - A - Tips and Tricks - iPhone published: true status: publish — I am lucky enough to be one of the many New Zealanders using an iPhone. Many have gone before and many more will follow. The first hacked iPhone may belong to John Ballinger of Bluespark Interactive as described at Andrew James Sommervell’s blog. The Red Ink Scribbles iPhone Review Part II: The Unlocked Phone blog post contains the best instructions I’ve seen to configure the iPhone correctly for New Zealand after it has been unlocked. It contains instructions to:

  • Configure GPRS access for Vodafone (not full blown EDGE, just it’s baby sister equivalent)
  • Configure the Voicemail button so it dials 707 to access Vodafone voicemail
  • Change the phone number formating to suit New Zealand phone numbers. I’ve further updated the ABPhoneFormats.plist phone number formats to also handle 8 digit prepay phone numbers (the weird ones that look like 021 027xxxxx).

Other changes are also needed so Caller ID matches the locally stored contact phone numbers correctly. The Fix International Caller ID thread at ModMyiPhone contains instructions to fix this.

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