January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Windows implodes back to Windows 95 look and feel and then back to XP tags: - Gripes published: true status: publish — Windows has been running pretty mental on my laptop at home for some time. This morning while downloading the latest and greatest podcasts through iTunes it went into spastic mode again. This is one party trick I haven’t seen before though. Parts of the Window dressing got confused and reverted back to the Windows 95 look and feel. Then it magically went back to XP. All the while consuming ridiculous numbers of CPU cycles. No operating system should become so unreliable over time. Only iTunes is now stopping me from tossing Windoze out the door. Perhaps I should just buy a Mac. Windoze is normally pathetically slow and when it decides to have one of these fits it invariably wastes five or more minutes of my life.

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