Latest version of Intel PROSet Wireless causes 100% CPU usage

January 1, 0001
gripes tips

Last night I had the misfortune of updating to the latest version of the Intel PROSet Wireless application and device drivers ( After updating the machine spins into a 100% CPU gobbling cycle by the ZCfgsvg.exe process. This is related to the Intel PROSet application. Killing the process moves the problem to the iFrmwork.exe process. After faffing around for 30 minutes trying to figure out what was poked I just uninstalled the whole damn thing.

The reason I upgraded was to try and resolve a very bizarre problem I’ve had for some time on my Windows laptop. Every so often the machine will throw a complete hissy fit with fonts not rendering making the machine unusable (even the Windows Start button text goes away). For some time I’ve had my suspicions that it was related to the Intel PROSet Wireless application somehow mangling something in the OS. It’s a pretty far fetched suspicion because no application should be able to prevent the OS from being able to render fonts onto the display. However, more often than not it all went pear shaped after an error box (with nothing in it) was popped up by the Intel PROSet Wireless application. So, now I may not have the problem with fonts going away but I’m faced with using Windows wireless networking which I never got to really work satisfactorily in the past - why I moved to the native Intel application in the first place. Luckily I found another Windows download that helps resolve some of the problems I was initially having with the Windows wireless management - I’ll cover this in a later post.

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