January 1, 0001

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What a freakin’ nightmare trying to get bluetooth to work on my HP laptop so I can get my new cellphone to talk to it via bluetooth.

To start with I couldn’t see any bluetooth devices entry in the Control Panel despite Windows Help telling me that’s where I had to go in order to configure it. After searching on the internet it seems like this is a common problem in Windows XP SP2. If Windows doesn’t find a somehow certified bluetooth device driver then it simply doesn’t show all of the Bluetooth related information in the Control Panel.

After finding that the Control Panel applet is run using bthprops.cpl I thought I could just use that directly. However, running bthprops.cpl didn’t actually do anything. So after more searching on the internet, there were more people found with similar problems of having the Bluetooth Control Panel applet simply not doing anything. Some people uninstalled the original bluetooth drivers and then had Windows install the new drivers and everything worked. Not for me though, unfortunately. Even updating the driver through the Device Manager didn’t seem to do anything because Windows Update couldn’t find any more up-to-date drivers.

Anyway, it’s all working fine now after I went to HP to explicitely download the latest drivers from Support Software for Bluetooth by HP. 20 odd Mb to download though, but at least the problem has gone away. Hooray!

If you are having problems with bluetooth not showing up in the Windows Control Panel then I suggest trying to download the latest drivers for your bluetooth device to ensure they are compatible with Windows XP SP2.

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