January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Mountain Breakfast Madness tags: - D - G - Gripes published: true status: publish — I was snowboarding at Mt Ruapehu at the weekend. I don’t like to eat as soon as I get up so I thought I would simply get breakfast on the mountain. Bad idea. Here’s what happened. Was standing in line waiting to order. Someone walks down the line and asks if anyone wants to order breakfast. At first glance this seemed all good - order while in line and pay when you get to the till. Saves some time. She took my order and I gave her my name. That seemed a little strange, that was all I gave her and was all I got. I got to the till carrying a V drink that I had also grabbed. Total \$3.50. And then I thought I should mention I was also getting breakfast. Oh, that’ll be \$16.50 then. At this point things seemed pretty dubious. Anyway I took a seat and waited. Then I noticed staff walking out wandering around with breakfasts calling (not so much calling as talking slightly aloud) names. At this point I realised that my chances of getting breakfast were pretty slim so I moved closer to where the staff were popping out of the kitchen. 10 minutes later a staff member with some form of European accent seemed to be calling out “Divad”. I asked if she meant David and she said yes. No drama, breakfast all eaten and ready to rock. Then another staff member was walking around calling “David”. At this point I started to ponder if that one was actually mine. Especially since I had talked with some other guy about the silly breakfast system. He ordered just after me in the queue but got his breakfast 10 minutes after me. Perhaps it was mine, perhaps not. I guess I’ll never know. Who knows how many people have grabbed other peoples breakfasts, how many people never paid, and how many people never got their breakfast. Next time I’ll use the name “Snoopy”. And it could all be resolved with a simple ticketting system which would cost a grand total of about \$2.00 a day in tickets. Silliness really from a company raking in over \$250k in ticket sales alone for a good day on the mountain.

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