January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: Subaru Car Usability Goodness tags: - D - F published: true status: publish — With having an interest in usability it was good to find that someone had put some thought into the interior functions of my new Subaru Legacy GTB. Driving home the front window started fogging up (the interior had just been groomed so was still a little damp). I looked around for a button that had the front demister icon on it. I found it easily because it was pretty much the closest button to the driver on the center console. I pushed the button and it did all of the settings needed to demist the window and voila, I could see again. Fantastic - no more fussing around with the temperature, fan speed, and vents. Then when we picked up some fast food on the way home. I opened the drinks holder and put the drink in. I wondered why, when I pulled out the drinks holder, it swung away to the left. As soon as I needed to demist the window again I knew. They move just far enough to the left that you can still access the the demister button and the Auto and Off buttons for the climate air controls. Double fantastic. Small things like this give me a small fuzzy feeling inside. Much better than that frustrated feeling when something is completely hopeless to use.Well done Subaru, I might just yet be a Subbie convert yet - like just about all of the other people who I have talked to whom have owned them.

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