January 1, 0001

— type: post layout: post meta: {} title: What makes good software tags: - D - H published: true status: publish — It’s not a question that really has a concrete answer. However, one thing that makes good software is how well it handles situations where things don’t really go to plan. Having just got my phone back I needed to put all of the contacts back onto the phone. I do (or try to do) this using the Nokia PC Suite application that you can freely download from the Nokia site. This software is a pretty poor excuse for phone synchronization software, but other software isn’t really all that much better. Anyway, I tried to synchronize the contacts from the Windows address book and got a very nice error message “An unspecified error has occured”. Thanks, that’s really useful. Turns out that the phone was configured to use the SIM card memory only, and when I tried to change it to use SIM and phone memory it said it the phone memory was locked. How any typical user is likely to figure that out is beyond me. Come on Nokia, you build the phones, you build the software, at least get them to work together in some remotely useable fashion.

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