The perfect mobile phone - please read Nokia

April 23, 2005

Here is my list for the perfect mobile phone. Hopefully Nokia stumble across this and create the “Just for David” Nokia.

MUST haves

  1. Alarm clock - a must if away travelling
  2. Countdown timer - the one on our stove is broken
  3. Colour screen - it just seems nicer
  4. Small - it’s got to fit in the jeans pocket without a problem.
  5. Changeable covers - for those unlikely occasions where it decides to take a joy ride down the concrete driveway.
  6. Calendar - it’s got to be able to remind me of meetings when I’m at work and away from my desk.
  7. Synchronization with Outlook - that’s what we use at work. Either Infrared or Bluetooth for the Synchronization - I already have an Infrared adaptor at work and Infrared on my laptop at home. I also have Bluetooth in my laptop.
  8. Good synchronization software - I don’t like using unuseable things.
  9. Good phone editting software - I don’t want to update everything on the phone using the phone.
  10. Good synchronization with Windows Address Book (WAB) - because I don’t have Outlook at home.
  11. Good stand-by time - because I don’t like charging the phone all the time.
  12. At least one good standard ring-tone - because I don’t want to do the whole polyphonic thing, I just want to choose a discrete yet cool ring-tone.
  13. It’s got to be easy to navigate around the phone - I am really starting to dislike the whole Nokia standard scrolling menu. You don’t know what is next and you can’t remember where you just were. There’s enough real estate so move with the times and do the 4 way scroll thing (most new phones have this).
  14. Predictive text - because when I have to send an SMS I hate doing it. The faster the better.
  15. Vibrating alert - because you can’t hear a phone ring when there’s lots of noise about.

NICE to haves

  1. MP3 player - might start taking the train to work and it would be good to be able to listen to music without having to carry along an MP3 player as well.
  2. Predictive text auto word completion - why has no-one done this? PDAs do this as you scribble on the pad. There’s enough screen real-estate to do this on most phones now so why not. Might add more as I think of them…
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