Painting is actually only 20% painting

April 10, 2005

I’ve done my fair share of painting/renovation to date. Most of this has simply been re-painting in order to make things look more modern or, more commonly, just less old or less crappy (that’s a highly technical painting term). This is why the kitchen cabinets are being done at the moment. The old painting is pretty average, which translates to complete rat-shit. There are runs everywhere and the surface wasn’t prepped first so it peels off in strips if it gets knocked. Only 20% of the time spent painting is actually spent physically painting though. This is unfortunate since its the only part that is remotely enjoyable. The rest of the time is spent doing mundane stuff like stripping the old paint (particularly unmotivating), sanding back the old paint (particuarly boring), filling holes (not too bad), filling gaps (at least you get to play with a calking gun), resanding (at least this doesn’t take long) and so on. Anyway, I’ve just finished putting on the first sealer/primer coat on one side of the cabinets so most of the mundane part is over. Yay!

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