Welcome to teirney.NET - Honda Civic SiR. This section contains details about my 1990 EF9 JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Honda Civic SiR. This Honda Civic belongs to the 4th generation (also known as the "Ground" generation) of Civics produced by Honda between 1987 and 1991.

Background - Specifications - Modifications

Front on picture of my Honda Civic SiR


This generation of the Honda Civic was the first to receive the legendary SiR badge and the much sought after B16A DOHC VTEC engine. Check out the B16A Reference or Specifications to see why this vehicle is so good - 160ps stock standard from the 1600cc engine all packed in a car that weighs less than a tonne.

With an equally impressive handling package, the Honda Civic SiR is a nimble and quick vehicle. Included in the handling package is independent double wishbone suspension all round, disc brakes all round and both front and rear stabilizer (torsion) bars.


1990 EF9 JDM Honda Civic SiR Specifications
Model Civic SiR
Chassis Code EF9
Coefficient of Drag (Cd) 0.33
Length 3995mm
Width 1680mm
Height 1335mm
Wheelbase 2500mm
Clearance 150mm
Curb Weight 990kg
Engine Weight (wet) 140kg
Code B16A
Type Water-cooled 4 stroke
Cylinder Arrangement Inline 4 cylinder, transverse
Bore x Stroke 81.0 x 77.4mm
Displacement 1595cc
Compression Ratio 10.2 : 1
Valve Train 4 valves per cylinder, belt driven double overhead cam (DOHC), variable valve timing (VTEC)
Peak Power 160ps @ 7600rpm
Peak Torque 15.5kgm @ 7000rpm
Specific Output 100ps/l
Redline 8000rpm
Lubrication System Forced and wet sump
Fuel Requirements Unleaded gasoline with 95 RON or higher
Spark Plug NGK BKR6E-N-11 (1.1mm gap)
Transmission Code Y1
Transmission Type 5-speed forward synchromeshed, 1-speed reverse
Clutch Single plate dry, diaphragm spring
Clutch Facing Area 203cm2
Primary Reduction 1.000
1st 3.250
2nd 2.052
3rd 1.416
4th 1.103
5th 0.870
Reverse 3.000
Final Drive Single helical gear, 4.133
Steering System
Type Rack and pinion
Overall Ratio 21.6 (19.6 - 22.3) : 1
Turns, lock-to-lock 4.1
Steering Wheel Diameter 372mm
Suspension System
Type (Front/Rear) Independent with double wishbone, coil springs with stablizer
Shock Absorber (Front/Rear) Telescopic, nitrogen gas-filled
Brake System
Type (Front) Power assisted, self-adjusting ventilated discs
Type (Rear) Power assisted, self-adjusting discs
Lining Surface Area (Front) 50mm2
Lining Surface Area (Rear) 21mm2
Effective Disc Diameter (Front) 214mm
Effective Disc Diameter (Rear) 208mm
Parking Brake Mechanically actuated, rear two-wheel disc brakes
Front/Rear 195/60R14 85V


The list of modifications to date are:

The latest B16A Dyno Run showed a peak power output of 91kW (127HP) @ 169kph (~8000rpm) at the wheels.