EF9 Fuse Panel Translation

This page contains the Japanese to English fuse panel translation for an EF9 Honda Civic SiR. One of the people at Work speaks and can read Japanese. So a big thanks to Phillip Barlow for the translation that appears below.

Japanese Version - English Translation - European Fuse Panel

Japanese Version

The picture below is a scanned version of the Japanese fuse panel. Apparently the Japanese found on the fuse panel is typical of most Japanese to Western European conversions. The characters that appear are actually the Japanese phonetics for the English version of the words. This is kind of similar to the phonetic descriptions seen next to words in most English dictionaries, except using Japanese characters. For example, the translation for radio might sound something like rajio from the Japanese phonetic symbols.

Japanese 1990 JDM EF9 Honda Civic SiR fuse panel

English Translation

The table below contains the English translations of the Japanese phonetic characters. Note that the direct conversion from Japanese to English is sometimes a little off.

Thanks to Chris Schoen for letting me know that the Meter light in fuse 7 refers to the lights in the instrument/speedo cluster. It is also likely that fuse 17 is just for the radio, and that fuse 12 is for the cigarette lighter, clock and interior light. I will test these on my car at some stage and confirm the results.

Chris Schoen has also created a Word document that contains the English fuse translation information below in a format that can be directly printed and placed into the existing slot for the fuse panel. Simply download or open the English Fuse Panel and print it out onto some thin card.

1990 EF9 JDM Honda Civic SiR Fuse Panel Translation
Fuse English Translation
1 Reverse Lights
Turn Signals [Indicators]
2 Starter Signal
4 R Headlight High Beam
5 L Headlight High Beam
6 Sunroof
7 Tail Light
Meter [Instrument/Speedo Cluster] Lights
License Plate Light
10 L Headlight Low Beam
11 R Headlight Low Beam
12 Clock
Internal Light
13 Wiper
(Power Windows and Sunroof Relay)
14 Alternator Solenoid
15 Cooling Fan
17 Cigar Lighter Relay
18 Rear Defroster [Demister] Relay
(Heater Motor Relay)
20A R Power Window
20A L Power Window
30A Heater Motor

European Fuse Panel

http://www.cr-x.org/home/fuses/fuses.html contains pictures of the European fuse panels. Some blocks are shuffled around but it's largely the same as the Japanese ones.